EMM player vs. separates??

Has anyone heard the 2 and can TELL the difference between the SE separates and the all in one player- I would think that for twice the price there would be a huge difference in sound- Is that true- I do not have a local dealer and appreciate any feedback- thanks bill-
I haven't heard them side by side but word of mouth is that the only thing you will lose if you go with the one box player is the pre-amp. IF there is a difference in sound is very very small.



i have heard them both & prefer the separates because the dac is so good that it can be used with any transport since it will re-clock the digital signal from the source including the slim devices transporter. it is the best dac i have ever heard & the transport is great too. as good as the one box unit is, i still prefer the separates for versatility. anyway, that is my opinion.
I would also like to hear from ppl who have tried both in their own systems.