EMM original CDSD with DCC2-SE?

Anyone use this combo? How does it compare to a pure-SE pair? Thanks.
Original CDSD? If it's non-SE but has a USB port, it can be upgraded to CDSD SE by downloading the latest firmware. According to EMM, the latest CDSD firmware provides advantages when the CDSD is used in combination with the SE-version DAC.
Bigamp, thanks. Unfortunately, there's no usb port on mine
(purchased new in Jan. 2005).
Hello Rgs,

I purchased my cdsd ( with the USB port ) just before EMM released the CDSD/SE. I had to send it to EMM for a repair and they also brought it up to the SE status which included the new firmware and an update to the power supply. IMO it was a very noticeable improvement.

I use mine with my Mac all the time.
I had the same experience as Trcnetmsncom. I sent my cdsd with usb port in for repair and was told it was updated to the very latest and he even replaced the transport assembly. No charge. He didn't put the se nameplate on it but I was assured that it was the same as the new SE's that they were shipping. I also noticed an improvement in sound.
Thanks again. Anyone care to say how the sound improved? Was it a major difference?
I love my new CDSA but need to sell because of a move
If you are interested in upgrading the CDSD, I recommend asking EMM whether it still can be done. They stopped taking requests for DAC6 and DCC2 upgrades in April, according to their web site.
Hi Rich,

The improvement was resolution which brought to the surface details that were just not there before. This new information came in different ways, timbre of texture be it instrument or voice was more realistic, the sound space was bigger with more air around images.

Slightly better dynamic shading and also the extension both highs and lows were a little better. These improvements while very apparent IMO in my system was not as profound to me as when I had my DAC6 upgraded to the DAC6/SE. Hope this helps.

Good luck,
Yes, that is just the kind of info I was was looking for.
Thanks a million for taking the time to write your impressions. No, EMM does not now (or in the recent past) offer CDSD upgrades. I have talked to them about it.
One more question, in case anyone knows (thanks):
Is the power supply different
on the CDSE-SE versus the older CDSD with the USB port?
(Frankg mentioned that above.)
Is the chassis different?
The EMM website refers to (for the CDSD-SE)
"Active power factor corrected (APFC) power supply.
Chassis extensively treated with vibration control material consisting of a highly-damped, low-rebound, rapid-settling polymer composite."

Thus, there seem to be hardware differences on the SE version, not just software ones.
Comments from anyone are welcome.
Rgs92. You have me mixed up with Trcnetmsncom on the power supply comment. However I can tell you that the CDSD both SE and non-SE have a universal power supply (85-260V) and the CDSA SE does not. To put it another way, ALL 2 box units, transports and dac's, have a universal power supply. The 1 box player has a different power supply that is factory set to voltage requirements.

Sorry about confusing you with the other poster (too much late-night audiogon). Thanks for the info. It just seemed that the website indicated something different about the
power supply on the SE.
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