EMM Labs vs. Esoteric vs. Burmester

EMM DCC2+EMM Transport
Esoteric D70+P70
Burmester 001

Has anyone had the chance to compare these three units? if so, what are the differences? I have read alot about the EMM Labs gear being the best that is out there, but also that it can be extrememely neutral and that it may be better suited for some tubes in the system. I also heard the Esoteric is bit warmer. As far as the Burmester 001, is this too warm and syrupy??? Any thoughts btw these systems?

I am most interested in performance running direct into an amplifier, no preamp, using Pass Labs amplification.
I've heard the Burmester on WP7's/VTL Ultimate 7.5/VTL 450 signatures with all transparent cabling.. it was stunning! I also heard the DCS combo with Halcro and Maxx's... also stunning.. the burmester was definitely more liquid...

I've heard levinson's and Krell's best... and they were disappointing compared.

I wanted a burmester couldn't afford it so I bought my Gamut CD1R (it's amazing when used with Balanced cables) but not in the same stratus as what you are looking at.
I have recently auditioned Esoteric X-01, Bel Canto PL-1A and Burmester 001. X-01 was by far the best of the 3 and Burmester far the worse. My detailed findings are discussed in the following thred: