EMM labs upgrades for CDSD and DCC2

Has anyone upgraded their wonderful Meitner digital gear to the Special Editions or bought new models. Just wondering if the new models truly offer substantially better sonics, or marginal upgrade.

I would truly appreciate all input.

I did.

It is an absolutely worthy upgrade

Here is my review

I've owned every generation of EMM Labs seperates including a Meitnerized Phillips SACD player / DAC 6 / Switchman II ; CDSD / DCC2 and now the Signiture Edition CDSD & DCC2. Way back when I was even one of the handful of owners of Ed's IDAT- which along with the Levinson No. 30 was at the bleeding edge of the D to A art in the digital dark ages of the late 80's / early 90's- but that's another story... No, I'm not a Meitnerite- I've owned other statement digital rigs including Wadia 270 / 27i & Audio Aero Capitole.

Each new EMM Labs generation has improved on the last, and the current Signiture Edition models continue this trend. I would describe the differences between the original CDSD / DCC2 and the S.E. versions as follows:

** More Dynamic
** Several Veils Removed
** MUCH Stronger Bass
** MUCH Darker Background / Better Imaging
** Much Improved Remote Control

I hate to repeat the oft overused phrase that " It's more analog like ", but it is- I'm much less aware that I'm listening to a digital source than before and seem to be more involved in the music. The TRULY EXCITING difference is on Redbook playback. I always thought that the original CDSD / DCC2 was FANTASTIC with Redbook- BY FAR the best Redbook playback I'd heard. In fact, the Redbook performance of the original CDSD / DCC2 was almost reason enough to purchase the units.

The Redbook playback with the CDSD S.E. / DCC2 S.E. is AT ALMOST THE SAME LEVEL AS THE SACD PLAYBACK !! After several weeks with these units I still can't believe how good CD's sound- it's truly amazing.
I completely agree
I've had mine upgraded and back from EMM Labs for almost a month. They've been playing 24/7. Similar to the above posts, the new versions sound more organic and relaxed with better dynamics, transparency, depth and imaging. It's a full spectrum improvement and not a subtle difference. When listening, it's now easier to be pulled into the music and not want to get up. There's a dynamic flow and pace to CDs and SACDs that sounds more natural. I listen to a lot of big band and hear the bite of the brass without any stridency. Drums and bass better penetrate the soundstage like they do in a performance. Vocals are clearer and sound more dimensional - front to back and side to side.

As before, the latest EMM gear benefits from top-notch power cords and good isolation. I recently tried The One power cords by Jena Labs and ended up keeping them. They have a very low noise floor, are neutral and dynamic and match well with the transport and dac.

Last comment: it's refreshing to be with a manufacturer that accomodates upgrades, rather than limit customers to a new purchase. I also think the upgrade cost is quite reasonable, given the improvements in performance.
Just remember, removal of veils is not encouraged in all cultures.
I have to agree with Fbhifi. After having my DCC-2 upgraded to Sig. it was better top to bottom. SACD was even better than before but what really stood out was the improvement in PCM. They all sound at least a little better but a redbook that is recorded well to begin with is very, very close to SACD.
Post script. I should clarify something. When I said above that a well recorded redbook is close to SACD, I meant a well recorded SACD. I have some SACD's that in my opinion sound like crap.
Frankg: I am really surprised as well at how good redbook is. I am putting in some CD's I really have not enjoyed listening to because of poor sonics and although it is not perfect, it is totally different than I have heard them in the past. I think Fbhifi experienced the same thing with some Led Zeppelin mini discs.

EMM Labs
I just got my DAC6e back afte getting the "SE" upgrade. It is a tremendous improvement, and I purchased original unit in March. It was well-worth it in every respect. Jonathan is a true gentleman, and he was absolutely correct in his despcription of the upgrade. As I write this I am still playing my first cd since getting it back, and it has no break in whatsoever. If anything I think it is a greater leap than what I experienced going from the DAC6 to the DAC6e. It is more open, more relaxed yet more detailed. I am in a state of delighted shock.
Wait till it breaks in for even more listening bliss