EMM Labs or PS Audio?

Has anyone heard both the EMM Labs XDS1 SACD player and the PS Audio Directstream Transport and DAC combo? Since they are both DSD DACs, how do they compare?
Having listened to a friends EMM Labs XDS-2 and myself once owning EMM Labs CDSA SE you know you’ve bought through and through high standard of built and sound quality.

I think for the price of a used EMM Labs XDS you can buy both PS Audio new , though PS Audio have a way over inflated list price you can purchase each for around 3400 bucks with warranty of course

Another consideration hopefully by now PS Audio have cleaned up their screen glitches with their annual firmware updates and finally take what the more fanatical PS Audio fan chat with a grain of salt regarding the leaps of playback performance with each firmware update.
PS Audios top digital components were part of a shoot out of sorts involving eight highly regarded digital front ends ranging in prices from $3,800 to $30,000 hooked up and tried out in four completely different systems with a verity of opinion’s during the evolutions the PS Audio components were just OK amongst all of us agreeing .
Good insight, in_shore. After your digital shoot-out, which one or two brands stood out as best?
I think the most thrilling to me was a MSB dac with a custom home built server streamer outfitted with a line up of other expensive wires and 5 grand network switch .
However more down to earth and affordable and just recently listened to a Innuos Zenith server , a fellow in the group had hooked up to my AudioByte Hydra Vox dac.  He let me borrow it I then phoned the dealer just a few days ago and ordered the Innuos Zenith and I may add the Innuos Phoenix, a USB power supply / re-clocker that’s getting some attention , anyway it’s all fun .
It has been a long time since I heard the PS Audio combo, so take this with a little grain of salt.  I own an XDS1 which I just upgraded to v.3 status, and before that I had a CDSD/DCC2 combination.  While I liked the PS Audio combination (particularly vs. most other non-DSD players I'd heard), I liked the EMM Labs house sound better--it seemed just a little more real, dynamic and extended at the frequency extremes to me.  Cost a lot more, though, even used.  I can say that the upgrade to v.3 is a real eye-opener, it seems to have a great increase in information retrieval while at the same time making the music more involving, a tricky balance that they seem to have done just right (IMHO).