Any Emm LABS DV2 owners who can share what streaming unit they paired with the DV2...Any input will be appreciated...John

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I have the NS1, (demo) sounds wonderful! Just pursuing all alternatives...The NS1 will not do MQA...The DV2 sounds so good I'm rethinking MQA! EMM LABs (who are great to work with) may have a future update for the NS1 to do a complete MQA unfold...The Optilink is not capable of doing the complete unfold....As indicated just exploring all options, the N10 is one of them...My Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20s never sounded this good! Thanks so much for your input...
Should have mentioned, I have been doing a demo with the DV2...Its a great DAC...No coloring, it just presents the music...John
Lalitk, the media info does not interest me either its just about the music...Do you have the EMM REF preamp?
At this juncture the Aurender N10 would be my max. Does that budget reflect physiatric help? The NS1, is bridge tech. similar to others...I'm not looking for marginal gains, it would be interesting to A/B N10 VS NS1...
I realize they are different products, just attempting to gauge the sonic differences between the units...Without a listen its just guess work...Have you heard both units? The NS1 performs well...I understand the tech. differences, just curious...Expensive hobby, one learns to research all the aspects before buying the cheese...
Lalitk, I'm running the DV2 directly to my Classe' CA M600 mono blocks,,,I do not have the REF PRE AMP, I did try using my Classe' Sigma SSP pre amp...Didn't like the veiled sound of that combo...I'm always attempting to improve SQ...Still curious how the N10 compares to the NS1...I can still play Hi Res files, and DSD...I assume you are using USB?

Lalitk, that's an impressive presentation! Very cool! One either understands this obsession or not...I know another guy with a N10...He uses AES, he strongly states AES is a better sonic choice...I talked with the owner of Snake River Audio awhile back, he also concurred with AES...Emm Labs is aware of the MQA limitations with NS1 (obviously)...Perhaps an upgrade is in the works? I can still stream 192, its just not MQA...
@lalitk ,

I tried Qobuz, it does not perform well in my network...I have to use Satellite internet due to my rural setting...1 mile into the woods surrounded by 350 acres...The price I pay for privacy! Tidal works fine, cannot get Qobuz to properly stream...Eventually the N10 will happen...I have heard nothing but good things about it...Thanks for sharing your input, its most appreciated...
Lalitk need some input. I'll have the opportunity to compare the n10 to the NS1. If I run aes/ebu only should I just buy the conductor app without the additional fee for mqa? Using aes/ebu will prevent mqa anyway? Any input you can provide with setting this up for a demo will be appreciated. I intend on leaving the optilink as the connection between the NS1 and the DV2. John

The NS1 will not do MQA with any of its outputs. It will do 24/192 as Lalitk mentioned. The DV2 will unfold MQA through usb with a compatible streamer/server. I can play DSD via thumb drive or hard drive through the network with aes/ebu or optilink. I want to compare SQ between the units. If it's marginal I'll just keep the NS1 and implement a hard drive for storage. And not worry about MQA. Also as Lalitk mentioned the Aurender n10 with the MQA add on to the app will only do the first unfold.

I'm streaming a MQA album as I write this. Who ever wrote that the NS1 does MQA made a blunder. It actually gives ofs on the display. That stands for original file size. I spoke with Emm, they are talking about an upgrade for the NS1. One more time, it will not play MQA!
   I was under the impression that the DV2 will only do the complete MQA unfold through usb? I understand completely why you suggested not to bother with the MQA for the A/B demo.

Appreciate your input. Maybe you can help me get my head around this. As it states optilink input cannot fully render MQA streams beyond 24/96. However it actually will do 24/192 with a MQA stream? It will show the ofs code in place of MQA. Thanks again for your input.
Thanks, I need to get some answers from Emm. It's a very nice streamer, great SQ, however I don't want to mislead anyone in anyway. Their is some conflicting wording. Will get back.
Just to add one more aspect. Most people who represent a product, endorses it without question. I question everything that I am not 100 percent sure about.