Emm Labs DV2 versus Tambaqui

Has anyone heard both of these or better still done a comparison? Which did you prefer?


I have a Terminator and a Tambaqui. Both are state of the art. Both sound lifelike and real, not digital. Both are good, sensible, choices. 

If you held a gun to my head I would say that the Tambaqui is better, there is just something about its bass that seems more  exciting, more tuneful, than the Terminator. But if you had either, you would be a very happy bunny. 


The best way is to order both for home trial and keep the one you like better. You'll hear a lot of advise about this vs that, or I heard this there and it was amazing, but none of these are apples to apples comparisons in the same room with the same equipment. Imo...first ensure what's the ambient white noise level in your listening area, THEN consider the technology and budget of the dac you want to purchase. no point buying state of the art if you live in a large city, and your room is not sound proofed or treated and you have kids running around. Or you don't actually sit down for 2 hours at a time to listen critically - at that point you are just buying status.


I had a Denafrips Terminator and my friend lent me his May Dac KTE for a couple weeks and both don't better my Tambaqui Dac.

Sorry lordmelton the Tambaqui has more resolution but, still manages to sound musical and has no digital artifacts. Much better than the other 2 Dacs.


@lordmelton  Great vinyl should sound like a great recording, studio or hall with close miking.   It won't sound like a highly reverberant hall that is so in vogue for the last 40 years.   Live acoustic music sounds great in a large venue but not so good on vinyl when recorded far from the source.   Rock benefits from close miking as well.   Two different listening environments deserve two different approaches, one for live music and the other for recorded music.   That's my opinion (and the opinion of great recording engineers from the 50's to the 80's.