Emm Labs DV2/PRE combo

Full Disclosure I am a EMM Labs Dealer! I'm also someone who cares about sound quality. OCD all the way! I was running the DV2 with my Classe' Sigma SSP in XLR Bypass mode. The Sigma was designed with 2 channel in mind. The Classe' is no slouch! The PRE outshines the Classe' in a number of areas. Detailed to say the least! The DV2 known for its transparent nature with the PRE is a solid match. I'm using Furutech Nano-FP power cords with Cardas Clear Beyond XLR. I have Joseph audio Pearl 20/20s (Graphene Mid). Cardas jumpers and Cardas speaker wire. As one could imagine inferior recordings do not fare well with the DV2/PRE combo. The PRE is just more open and the Classe' more subdued. Fun experiment but also maddening! Does anyone ever wonder why they couldn't  be afflicted with stamp collecting, or a coin collecting hobby? Oh Well! 
EMM excellence!
I've been wanting a Meitner DAC for quite a while now, it has been out of touch, for me at the present time.
Hi Scratcha, if you ever have any questions about the gear please don't hesitate to reach out. I was running the DV2 directly. The Pre adds texture and a refinement of timbre that really shines.