Emm labs Dcc2 se + cdsd se vs CDSA?

Is the separate EMM labs units better than the one unit CDSA if you only considering sound (reedbook and SACD)?
Can anyone who have tried both describe the difference.
haven't heard both (or any emm gear for that matter), but i recall this being discussed before. you might double check the archives. from what i recall, the general consensus was that the best sound was:

1. dcc2 SE + cdsd SE
2. cdsa
3. dcc2 + cdsd (non-SE versions)
The consensus is the CDSA se betters all previous models, including the separates you list. Read The Absolute Sound review of the CDSA se, Harry Pierson enthusiastically claims the unit is the best there is in digital.
Thanks for answer.
Did Harry Pearsson compare the CDSA with the separate units?
I have now talked to a guy here in Sweden who has tested them both. He says that they have the same character but the separate units is a bit better in every area, estimated a sound quality improvment about 20 to 30%.