EMM Labs DCC 2 - Sneak Preview

Here are some pictures of the new EMM Labs DCC 2. It looks pretty cool and I can't wait until mine arrives in the next couple of weeks. I am one happy tire guy! :)

EMM Labs DCC 2 Front

EMM Labs DCC 2 Arse

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First off, I am thrilled that you (Tireguy) will finally get your DCC2. I have enjoyed my DAC 6 like no other component I have owned...AMAZING!

Tom - Regarding the Tenor OTL vs. Tenor Hybrid, I have heard both in the same system (Kharma / EMM Labs / Jena Labs) and assure you the Hybrids are significantly better. I own the OTL's and have the stereo hybrid on order. I heard them over at Chambers Audio and Jonathan Tinn and I both agreed there was a clear difference that easily showed how much better the Hybrid Tenor amps are. There must have been something wrong with the pair of Hybrids you heard. To my ears, it was not close.