EMM Labs DAC6 vs. latest version dCS

Would appreciate any comments regarding the comparison of these two highly regarded units.
I used the dCS Elgar by itself driving my amps as compared with the H-Cat line stage. The Elgar digital volume control sounds awful, especially unless as wide open as possible. As I have used other digital volume controls with similar results, I have concluded that I do not like them.
I use a Meitnerized Philips SACD 1000 with the DCC2.

My contribution to this very informative thread is the importance of the power chords as mentioned by saxman2 5/5/04.

I use a Shunyata Hydra supplied by an Anaconda alpha and then supply the DCC2 with a Python VX...I compared the free Kimber chord supplied with the DCC2 to both a stock cord and the Python Vx and found the Kimber significantly better than the stock chord but the Python Vx elevated the DCC2 to a whole other level.

At $1k retail for the Python VX you get pretty much 90% of the performance of the twice more costly Anaconda Vx.

Regarding the main purpose of the thread ie DCS vs EMMLABS, I consider the EMMLABS a clear winner on performance & price.

EMMLABS DCC2 is fabulous package & concept and I am sure will send many other overpriced suppliers back to the drawing boards.
i agree with tbg's comment that the dcs gear sounds better with a preamp rather than going direct into the amp. i think i lose some detail and transparency with a preamp in the chain, but the dcs already offers so much that to my ears it's worth the trade off for the benefits of a preamp. i haven't heard the meinter gear.
Regarding volume control in Digital Vs the Analog domain, I recently heard the $25k Krell CD/PRE which both digitizes all auxiliary inputs and performs volume control in the digital domain...It sounded very poor on both CD and as a Pre-amp.

A well implemented analog domain volume control will easily out perform digital domain...in fact I have not heard a good one yet...they may need to go to higher resolution 32 bits plus even to rival Analog.

We compared two well implemented analog domain volume controlled units to the Krell....The inexpensive OPUS 21 at $3.5k and the Meitner DCC2 at $10k. Both easily surpassed the $25k krell on CD replay. Considering the cost of the Krell and the high regard it is held in, it came as quite a surprise.

Given that most line level pre-amps dont actually amplify anymore..ie they are attenuaters and typically operate in the -20 db range, the dacs / attenuator chips I beleive need to be 32 bits wide or more !!