EMM Labs DAC6 vs. latest version dCS

Would appreciate any comments regarding the comparison of these two highly regarded units.
Randy- Which other cords have you tried? I haven't even used that Kimber that comes with it! have you tried it?
I'm curious to hear your thoughts if you did listen to the Zanden dac vs the DCC2?
James1969; I haven't heard the DCC2 but have heard the DA6/Philips and much prefer the Zanden. I use mine with a CEC transport and it's the best digital I've owned. The new Zanden Signatuer DAC and transport (shown this week at HE2004)will likely become the new "king of the hill".
Having owned both, I can say that the dCS is a waste of time. I sold my dCS gear, but then again I sold the EMM gear also.