EMM Labs Dac-6

Hi, Bill Parish from GTT Audio is on his way over with my Dac-6. I'm looking forward to some great listening tonight. I'll post again in a few days with the sonic details. My system inculdes ML-37 transport, Bat 51se pre-amp, Bat 150se amps driving Eidolons. Zoethecus rack and amp stands. Cardas Golden Reference cabling throughout the system. Wish me luck guys! Thanks, Tom Colato
I do not normally comment on products now in this forum, but I am going to make an exception with the DAC-6.

The Meitner DAC is the best I have ever heard IMHO. You are going to be hearing it sound it's worst using a normal (calling the ML 37 normal is a bit funny) transport. The DAC sinks to the level of nearly mortal DACs when you do not use the Phillips or Meitner proprietary transport. It still is a great DAC when used with a normal transport, but you get maybe about 80-85% of what the DAC can do.

Native DSD SACDs through an all Meitner DAC are as close to vinyl as I have heard digital sound. PERIOD.

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As long as the DAC-6 provides superior Redbook performance
it will hold it's value. When the new DVD software hits the market later this year, Sony's SACD investment will sink like just like the good ship BETA.

Otherwise, look for for 50% off the EMM Labs DACs just like the Tenor gear and 75% off the EMM Labs modified SACD 1000s.

Kana813, what is the new DVD software you are referring to?

All I can say is that I have heard some of the best DVDa software that is available now, on some great 24/92 decoders, and I have been wholly disappointed. I will believe great DVD software when I hear it.

I have heard the Meitner in many configurations. It was the most popular digital front end at HE2003, and it consistantly performed amazingly well. I have also heard it outside the show in systems I am very familiar with.

According to UHF magazine in the October issue "the format war is over" and DVD-Audio is the new Betamax. They state that their were 160 companies behind DVD-A, but none of them "fed it". I guess that's why the DVD-A marketing coalition was recently formed. It's the first mention I've seen in any major audio publication making such a bold step in declaring victory.
Per capita, many used DVD-A's can be had at Amoeba stores in California for $6.95 while used CD's still generally command better prices depending on their conditions.