Emm Labs CDSD transport and other DACs.

Has anybody tried the CDSD transport and any other DAC's than the DAC 6 or DCC2? I'd be curious as to the results.

David Shapiro

although this is possible via AES/EBU output from the CDSD I don't know why you would want to do this as you lose the ability to play SACD with the CDSD. As well you will also lose the ability to upsample all Redbook to DSD
Actually, i was just curious. I don't plan to change anything in the near future since this is so good. But I do believe that the future will be in hard-drive based systems that will go directly to the DAC, or possibly a controller such as the Meridian or Theta Casablanca.


regardless--the Meitner is just too good to sell.
Hi David,

I recently became an EMM Labs dealer, and if I get the chance I'll play around with several combinations. I can understand your curiosity - here's this killer transport, what else can we do with it? I may have the chance to try it with a nice but discontinued Accuphase DAC some time in the next few weeks.

I've talked with people who've used the DCC2 with a hard drive. Apparently a certain professional $600 ballpark sound card is needed - that's quite expensive for a sound card, but to put things in perspective that's barely the cost of a decent pair of interconnects, right?? Anyway, from what I've been told it works great, but still doesn't sound as good as using the CDSD. I hope to try that also, but it'll have to wait until after CES.

I have tried the DCC2 with a couple of different inexepensive DVD players as transports, and for someone unable to purchase the CDSD at the same time that would make a lot of sense.

Hi Duke,
That would be great if you could post your impressions, after you get a chance to try this out. As I said, I think taht we will be heading this way, after the high-def media war is over and there is a clear winner. There will also be tussling over the best and most economical storage software, but in the end, we will be the winners. I sure have no plans to invest in any other playback devices in the near future.