EMM Labs CDSD SE doesn't LOCK onto CD/SACD?

I recently bought a used EMM Labs DCC2/CDSD SE combo (to replace a Pre-SE set) and I'm having some trouble I'd like to if anyone can help me with. I can't get the CD player to output noise (either Redbook or SACD). They load, they identify as CD or SACD, they spin, just no sound. I have no problem with the turntable, via the analog connections. So it's obviously nothing to do with the preamp section of the DCC2, or the connections through the amp and speakers. It must be something I'm doing wrong but for the life of me I can't figure out what. So let me tell you where I'm at and see if you can see what I might be missing.
1) One thing I notice is that neither for CD or SACD does the "LOCK" ever light up on the front of the CDSD.
2) I have connected the Black, Blue and Red optical connectors supplied with the unit exactly as indicated in the supplied diagrams, which is also the way my original Pre-SE Units were connected. I also tried using another set of optical connectors I had from my units but still no joy.
3) The CDSD "INT/EXT" switch is set to EXT as advised in the included diagram and is also the way it was when received from the seller.
4) The CDSD "OPTIC/BNC" switch is set to OPTIC as advised in the included diagram BUT is also NOT the way it was when received from the seller. My old unit was also set to OPTIC so I was a little bit curious as to the seller's being set to BNC? But I also tried with the switch in the BNC position but still no joy.
5) When the CD is spinning and should be making music all of the lights on the front of the DCC2 are lit as indicated in the included diagram - LOCK-44.1kHZ-WIDE-ST. As mentioned, the only missing light is the LOCK light on the CDSD.
6) After I got everything hooked up and power on I did notice a light crackling/static-y sound coming from the speakers even before a CD was put in. When I tried playing a CD the light crackling/static-y sound remained but no music was produced. The odd thing is that when I tried to play a SACD the light crackling/static-y sound went away when I hit PLAY. But again, no music was produced.

I've been on this for several hours and feeling very stupid and frustrated because it seems like it must just be something I'm missing. I really hope you can see something in here to help me along the way.

Thanks for any advice or help anyone can offer.
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try asking the seller first.
I have. Waiting for a response. But thanks for your help.
If you are using ST, you need to use an ST type cable, not a Toslink. Also, if you have any other type of disk player, doesn't matter if its cheap, maybe try that. It just needs to have some type of digital out. Even if you don't think the transport is the problem, try it anyway.
Thank you Zd542, they are ST cables. I'll have to see if I can come up with some other kind of player. Still anxious for any other ideas relative to using the units as intended with the Optilink connections.
Thanks! I absolutely don't get it but today I changed the INT/EXT from EXT (which is what the connection diagram from EMM says to do and was the way it was received from the seller) to INT and voila! MUSIC! I could have sworn that I tried that yesterday but can't be certain now. I have everything else connected and set exactly as EMM says to do, except that switch position. I don't get it but I have tunz now so it will be much more enjoyable looking for info about that. Thanks to everyone here for moral support at least!

Does anyone have any thoughts on the switch position issue?
I'm not familiar with the EMM Labs unit, but it seems likely that the INT/EXT switch is to select whether you're using the INTernal drive or an EXTernal digital source via the other digital inputs. Happy that you got it working!!!
With the switch in the INT direction you will be using the clock in the CDSD as apposed to the external clock in the DCC2 which would be selected for in the EXT position. Three questions to answer. Did you have a cable connected from the DCC2 clock optical out to the DCSD external clock in with the switches set to EXT and optical? Is there an issue with that optical cable that you used if the above was true? And finally is there an issue with the external clock in the DCC2 if one is correct and you have tested the cable to see it is functional? Since you have music with the internal clock of the CDSD and the DAC of the DCC2 it appears everything is functioning except this external clock and/or connection.
Drrsutliff, I really appreciate your logical and sensible approach. The answer to your first question is yes, I have the ST optical cable connected between the DCC2 and CDSD as indicated. To your second question, I have used 3 different cables. Your last question is where things seem to get weird. Since my last writing I have figured out that with all connections made exactly as instructed, the only way I can get sound at all is with the back INT/EXT switch on the CDSD set to INT, which is not consistent with the instructions. However, on the front of the DCC2 there is a button to select Internal or External Clock. With the back switch set to INT on the CDSD I can toggle between Internal or External Clock on the DCC2. When I toggle between the two there is a slight delay while it changes. This seems to indicate to me that there is a change going on, and if I believe what the lighted button is telling me it's switching between Internal and External Clocks. I can't honestly tell you that I can hear a difference between the two settings, not with the limited exposure so far.

Regarding EMM documentation, I can say that what I can find all seems to be the same as for Pre-SE units as for SE units. I don't know if there was a change and not well documented but I do know the only way I can get sound is how I've described. I'm going to try and get to the bottom of this with EMM but from what I've read elsewhere that may be easier said than done.

Thanks again for the help!
Could any other DCC2/CDSD SE owners kindly share your settings and connections? Any help is greatly appreciated.