Emm labs CDSD se & dcc2 se- any updates

I am looking into maybe getting a used set of this stack- Is it still one of the best??- also have their been any updates/upgrades since the SE came out?= how is the DCC2SE as a PRE??- thanks,bill
I still think it's one of the best. Have not upgraded mine (it's an SE)nor heard of any upgrades as of yet. As my Jadis JP200 is off for a repair (Cap went bad after 10 years), I'm using my DCC2SE as a preamp--it's very good, lacks just that last bit of nuance and refinement that the Jadis exhibits, and perhaps is not quite as unflappable on truly large transients (I have heard nothing that equals the Jadis there), but really is a nice preamp. And I must admit the remote is a plus.