Hi Guys,

So I have the latest EMM combo BEFORE the SE upgrade (I have a USB port on my CDSD, and latest software, but no SE on the DCC2). My question is: what tweaks have you made to this combo that you believe have made a significant difference? This includes power, interconnect, isolation, etc...

I find that my system tends to sound great, but it is a little sibilant! It also tends to be overly warm almost, and though there is detail, the mid range seems over pronounced without enough low end punch to ground it.

In comparison, but DV50 (unmodified) sounds less "analog" and refined to some degree, but displays a more punchy bass, a sense that the high's reach higher (more balanced in respect to the midrange). There is no sibilance issue with the DV50, although this source can sound tinny, or thin or overly analytical -> hence my reason to switch.

Here is some system information:

CDSD/DCC2 -> PS Audio P600;
Speakers: Paradigm Signature 2
IC's: All Virtual Dynamics Revelation and Masters
PC's: Provided Kimber Power Cords / Shunyata Copper head on PS Audio
Headphones (which I listen to most often): Sennheiser Orpheus HE90/HEV90

Currently getting custom built HEV90 replacement amp which should sound fanatastic (by Singlepower Audio).

thanks for any comments!

Neil, take a nice digital cable and connect your DV-50 to the DCC2 (use the DV-50 as a digital transport). You can only listen to CDs this way of course. Listen to a CD with the CDSD and then listen to the same CD with the DV-50. See if you will hear the same difference you are describing.

I have the EMMLabs combo and i switched it for a Denon 1650.
Wel i found that the EMMLabs is more upfront than the Denon.
And i don't use the Kimber powercords on the EMML.because that is only make it worse.
Is it that so that the EMMLabs is playing LITTLE in your face?
have u tried not using the ps audio? i have the the new SE version but b4 did have the original ones and did not have the issues u seem to have, especially the siblants....i use shunyata hydra 8 and all pcs are shunyata as well and seem to be a pretty good match
I also have a Shunyata, hydra 2. The issue didn't resolve itself much by going straight into the hydra-2. But I have not tried switching out the kimber cords. Another thing that is going on today is a comparison/audition with the MBL 1611D/1621 combo & the EMM Labs gear. I think this should prove insightful in one way or another.

I also tried the DV50 into the DCC2. It had greater bottom end punch and a tinnier, less warm sound in comparison. I felt however, that the treble range actually had more weight. I DID notice sibilance however. I then connected the DV50 fro it's 2ch outs directly into my amp. Basically reverting to my previous setup. And here is where I really appreciate the suggestion: I found the sound to be what I rememeber and feel is currently lacking, with the exception that there still is a hint of sibilance!

I had my DV50 on the floor and not on my rack. But one other thing I forgot to mention was the rack itself, which is new. I have a feeling that this rack is possibly worse off than my previous table, and both the DV50 on the floor and the EMM labs in the rack are creating the perception of greater brightness/sibilance, possibly due to mechanical vibrations. Will have to experiment.

thanks for all the responses so far.


In my opinion, the first thing one needs to do after buying the EMM Labs combo is to find a great power cord and conditioner. The stock Kimbers are better than a regular PC cord but simply not good enough.

I had fantastic results with PS Audio P300 and the Elrod Power Systems power cords, first I used the EPS 2 Signatures and later the Statement II. Even the EPS 2 Sig brought a dramatic improvement in all areas but the Statements are the ultimate IMO. (of course there are other great cords out there and I tried at least a dozen myself but in my system these were the best).

A friend used Shunyata Anacondas with Hydra but I found the sound too dark with the Shunyata cables and artificially "sweet" with the Hydra. The EMM Labs combo is very neutral and this neutrality was somewhat lost with the Hydra, while the sound did not get worse of course, just there was a coloration of sound that I did not like.

As you already have a good power conditioner, the P600, it is a great start, I suggest that you should try the Elrods and some other high end power cords, this combo really deserves them.

Happy listening!
You hear the sibilance with both the speakers and the headphones, right?
Did you ever get the Singlepower amp? What are the specs? How do you like it? How does it sound with the HE90's? How about with other headphones?

I have a HE60/HEV70 combo and am thinking of a custom Singlepower amp too.