Emm Labs CDSA-old version vs new tray version?

The 2008 version of this player got new tray etc (a upgrade is availble for old players). Anyone who has compared the to versions? Any improvment to the sound?
From the written sources I've checked and other Emm owners it is an improvement.


Hopefully, next year I will upgrade the transport and feet.
The EMM people told me there would be no notable difference. The dealer and I both heard a notable difference. I went from being fairly satisfied to being really, really satisfied. Is it all psychological? Beats me.
I sold my old CDSA and the new one sounds a lot better, more definition, better bass are the two more important differences
Thabk you. I think I will have mine upgraded!
Ulf please keep me posted when you upgrade.

I recently bought a brand new CDSA-SE original German transport etc and even though only had less than 100 hours, it sounds very good. I have not heard the older version of the CDSA-SE so cannot comment on the differences but coming from a Wadia 581-SE, I can proudly say IMO the CDSA-SE is better than the wadia in every way except for the bass. The CDSA-SE draws you much more into the music with more life like sence. The prat factor is up there with the Wadia but one thing really puzzels me is that the Emms seems to be more detail yet so analog and the seperation is world class...one could listen to it all day unlike the Wadia which gives you the big WOW factor most of the times until you had few hours of it.

Please remember that my player is new and I can forecast even better things to come with extra hours under it's belt.

The only thing I would like to improve on the the CDSA-SE is the built quality...no match to the Wadia.

Hope this helps.
Cheers :)
My two cents.

CDSA-SE focus on software innovation while others manufacturers look to more hardware innovation.