EMM Labs AS Optimism emm.

I used the EMM labs CDSD with DCC2 and Aural Symphonics
Optimism emm.

In rear CDSD which position used INT? or EXT? or Both?
When used the EXT the Blue light of the CDSD come OFF.
When used the INT the Blue light of the CDSD come ONE play the music with NOISE in the Speakers, the NOISE desapear after push ON in EXT CLOCK of the front panel DCC2.

The manual of the CDSD when used the Optical connection with three optical need used in the rear CDSD External Clock (EXT).

Thank you for your help, and Happy New for ALL.
I think you should email your question to Tommy Dzurak at Aural Symphonics. He needs to know about these issues and will be happy to help you to make the right connections.

I also purchased the Optimism emm cables. There was an instruction sheet that came with the cables which outlined how to connect the cables. However, I also had a hard time making the proper connections, and initially they did not work. I thought I had damaged the cables. I took them out, started over and eventually got it work. Did the cables make a significant and worthwhile difference to my DCC2/CDSD? Absolutely, with the result being a even lower noise floor, more dynamics, and air. I would not thought it possible, but to paraphrase some other audiophile, there is always better.

Good luck,

I would call EMM Labs. This could be an issue with one of the chips in the CDSD or the DCC2 or a cable issue. EMM will discuss a testing routine to establish what the problem is. Just a recommendation.

Good luck and happy New Year.
DCC2: Bal/UnBal? If you use phono in

CDSD Data to DCC2 ST
CDSD Clock to DCC2 Clock In
CDSD Ext Clock t DCC2 Clock Out

Now that your system will work, please tell us what you hear differently with the new wires.
Thanks for all, the problem resolved.
Razen -- not so fast!!

You're expected to provide a lengthy, detailed report on the sonic affects of the new AS cable. Otherwise, your future inquires may be looked upon with courteous disdain ;~))
Yeah, and we're gonna be p......d too.