EMM DCC2 V. EMM Transport

I wanted to know from individuals who own or have listened to the EMM DCC2 with and without the EMM's own new transport whether their glowing review of the DCC2 is largely based on the DCC2 or the combination with the new EMM transport.

I believe that the DAC has the important clock and jitter elements that play a large part in what makes people like the EMM so much.

On the other hand, the transport costs $6,800 and many audiophiles may already have a dependable cd player that could act as a transport. Is there that much of a difference between using the EMM transport for redbook playbook versus a solid cd player for your transport needs? I currently have a Cary 306-200 which is a reputable cd player. Would I not get most (90%+) of the EMM's upgrade by just getting the dcc2?

Oh by the way, I currently have the BAT VK51SE tube preamp. Would using the EMM DCC2 directly with my amplifier really be that much of an upgrade considering how highly rated and good sounding the BAT preamp is.

I can, in part, answer your question. I currently own a DCC2 and meitnerized phillips, I plan on ordering the CDSD next month. In the mean time my phillips(I know your not going to believe this) crapped out on me, so I am using a $149 DVD player as a transport until I can bring myself to cough up the scratch for the new transport(which everyone agrees- already- is a large leap in performance over the modified phillips). Well in listening to my system with the generic DVD player as a transport and a very low quality digital coax cable(strictly for temporary use) I am shocked at how good it really is. I would not say i am getting 90% of the performance, however I am getting first rate digital playback that is very enjoyable. I was talking with a friend last evening and even as it is now, I feel this combo out performs my old audio aero capitole mkII, he didn't believe it was possible!

I did notice a loss in detail and resolution, soundstage is not as detailed or large, back ground is not near as black and dynamics are more typical of "normal" digital reproduction. And of course I can not listen to SACD's. If you were to sell your cary and BAT, it would aid with the purchase of the full Emm labs combo, which is clearly superior then using a standard transport- my findings mimic others who have tried SOTA transports.

All of this being said if I did not want to purchase the transport as well as the dac, I think you could find a digital source you could enjoy for the same or less money; if you plan on upgradeing(to the Emm labs transport) down the road- get the DCC2 and enjoy the tunes.
I had a modified Sony 777es as a transport for the DCC2 for several months while I was awating for my previously ordered CDSD. I was extremely happy with the sound (I could only play redbook) and I wondered how much more could the new transport add (other than the ability to play SACD.) However the new transport added so much more air , dynamics, and resolution that it was not an issue. I also accidentally damaged one of the optical cables, so that for two weeks I could only use the transport as a clock (sounded great). When EMMLAB supplied a replacement cable (which they did quickly and promptly) I then set up the system with the DCC2 as the clock (or "master"), which is recommended by the company as sonically superior. I absolutely agree. Finally, I compared for a month the DCC2 preamp with the Audio Note tube preamps (M-8 and M-10) and I definitely preferred the Audio Note over the DCC2 (IMS more musicaland open.) Jonathan Tinn, the distributor has suggested that the DCC2 preamp may not be broken in enough. He may be right.
I too am using a stock sony 777es as a transport as I await my CDSD. Isn't as smooth and resolving as the meitnerized philip's player I had the opportunity to demo but, seems to be a little more dynamic and lively. Go figure. I also have the SWM3 which took about a month of extensive use to burn in. When I first heard this unit I was dissappointed but now what a change, I couldn't be happier. I believe JTinn is right, doesn't sound as if rgwrjs's unit is broken in yet. Compares to the best preamps out there IMO.