EMM DCC2-SE or Sony 5400ES for HiRez downloads?

Can I use my EMM DCC2-SE or Sony 5400ES for HiRez downloads?
The sony only plays discs. You would have to burn your downloads to a CD-R to play on the Sony. Don't know anything about the EMM
Why put the downloads on disc? If you have a computer to store the downloads, all you need is a USB-input DAC or a Squeezebox Touch to enjoy them.

On my emm dcc2 , i can play up to 24/96.
Actually, I didn't mean using a disc. I meant using the DCC2 dac to translate something from some digital source holding a HiRez download. Sorry for my ignorance on this.

The only way to play downloads is converting your usb output to AES/EBU or SPDIF to input into the EMM. high quality one on the market is empirical's off ramp (expensive).
or having a good sound card that has the above AES/EBU or SPDIF output to go into the EMM.
Also as Acheung mentioned the EMM can only go up to 24/96.
I am unsure about the Sony, if it has any digital inputs.
Hope that helps.
Thanks Neville!
The Sony has no inputs at all.