EMM CDSD transport new version out

Is it true that new CDSD will have a USB input for upgrades? Also the faceplate is now matte black.
I heard it may retail cheaper at $5900.
I haven't heard of any of this. The only difference I know of is that the the most current version of the CDSD has a new Phillips transport--which was done simply because Phillips has a nasty habit of changing their transports every year, and the new transport wouldn't fit in the old chassis. According to my dealer, there is NO difference soonically or reliability-wise between the new and old tranports. This USB rumor is news to me, and I try to stay on top of these things.
Iujona. I checked with EMM's largest dealer and according to him this is nonsence. Just another rumer. Not true.
Hi Hooper- I've been asking the same questions as well and have received the same answers as you. However, if you download the latest manual (version 2.1) of the CDSD from EMM Labs website, the picture of the the rear of the CDSD does show a USB connector next to the RS-232 connector. I'm sure this has no impact on sound quality so perhaps it is there for the software upgrades. I have done a software upgrade on my CDSD through a simple chip swap.
Let me clarify my statement above. I have the latest CDSD. It has a usb and rs232 connection. The faceplate is sourced from a different manufacturer and has a more brushed finish as opposed to shiny. It's hard to tell the difference unless side by side. It's not black. It still costs $7900. without remote. I'm told there is no plans to lower the price.
I was wrong. Apparently, there IS a new version of the CDSD out there, and it does have a USB port for future upgrades, which will be done via computer hookup. This is straight from the horse's mouth: EMM Labs.
In terms of software updates, does anyone know what issues the software updates have addressed. I am hopeful there may be an upgrade that will allow one to play EMI Copy Controlled discs on the CDSD, without the problems I am experiencing with playing them now (e.g. static and clicking noises).
I do have the latest CDSD with USB and my dealer sent me the EMM Set-Up software along with the latest software (Version 018) which downloaded easily.