EMM CDSA SE Player, How many hours required

I just took delivery of a new EMM CDSA SE one box player.
What burn-in / break-in time is required for this piece?
Any recommendations or short cuts to speed up the process?

Thanks for your imput and advice.

I have a CJ CT5 preamp and CJ LP70 amp.
Running RCA connections .... no choice with CJ Gear.

Dave D
OH!!, one last question.

Do I need to breakin this Player playing both Red Book cds as well as Sacd cds.

Explanation and advice is appreciated.

Dave vD
Thank you all for your advice. Dave D.
You might as well wait for the preamp as you will need to break in its input as well. No point in going through break in twice.
I just received my new EMM player and currently I am without a preamp. Waiting for Conrad CT-5 to arrive as well.
If I run my player with CD on repeat, stand alone I.E. not connected to my audio system (not connected to a preamp or amp), will this procedure still burn in / break-in the player?
10,000 hours---minimum.
I've owned several EMM products including some SE versions but not the one box CDSA SE. I've found that between 250 to 300 hours it's most of the way there but small improvements will occur up to about 500 hours. You'll be listing one night and all of a sudden your system is sounding so good your in heaven.

I found that it took a good 200 - 300 hours also before the player started sounding very good. Before this, I didn't get what all the fuss was about.

Now it is my favorite digital.
Fair enough. Depends upon your tolerance for mood swings from your electronics ;)
Bar81..or just listen to different music for 200-300 hours and listen and enjoy!
Just put it on repeat for 200-300 hours and mute your preamp. Then listen and enjoy.
08-06-10: Oakleys
Relax. Just play music and enjoy. Consider any perceived improvement as a bonus!

I agree 100%.
Relax. Just play music and enjoy. Consider any perceived improvement as a bonus!