EMM CDSA can be used without preamp?

I will be pleased if you can help me, I want to know if I can use one EMM Labs without pramp, this means connected directly to the amps. Thanks
Yes. It's a CD/SACD player with balanced and unbalanced line level analogue outputs. Use it with your pre-amp. I'd just love to try one at my place in comparison to my modified Sony.

only the cdsd+dcc2 combo can be used w/out a preamp.
Not really, as it has no built-in volume control. Therefore, you'll need some sort of preamp in order to control the volume.
you should NOT connect the CDSA directly to your amplifier. the CDSA has no volume control function and will likely drive your amp to clipping. you will have no control over the volume whatsoever. here is the manual for the CDSA:

Sorry. Why can't I read properly?

I somehow read this as "can I use it with a preamp". Duh! Obviously the coffee was not strong enough this morning. Anyway, other more observant posters have given the correct advice.

Thanks to all, Metralla don´t worry.
This might help - will work with single source system

Here is another option

and this one for $300.

Just a few to choose from.
Got the picture?

And the best ones of all ...


I have heard those and they are awfully good. I could not find the link though.

Actually, if your amp has a level adjustment (volume control), you can. My Inersound amps have a level control and I can hook up any cd player to it, balanced or unbalanced. If your amp does not, you cannot hook it up directly.