Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa --- what amp?

I know the Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa speakers are inefficient
and power hungry, so I would be curious to know what amplifier
the owners of these speakers are using to drive them.

I'm seriously considering the Odyssey Stratos w/cap upgrade and
wondered if anyone is using the ET's paired with this amp?
If so, would you please offer your opinion.

Thank You
Hi Sedona - I'm presently using a Belles 350A and have an H2O Audio Signature S-250 on the way. The Belles never broke a sweat driving the LFT8As.
The ET's are a tremendous value, but as you've pointed out they do need lots of juice to get the most out of 'em. I use a BAT VK500 (250wpc), plenty of current to drive the ET's. The BAT solid state gear is voiced to be slightly dark so speaker cable selection plays a role as well. My Transparent cables were a poor match, DH Labs Q10 are a great fit.

I also tried out a vintage Class DR-8 amp (70wpc) and it sounded very nice, but the bottom end and transients weren't quite as good as the BAT.
Hello Sedona,
A friend of mine owned the LFT VIIIa and they sounded very nice with my Audire Noble 2 mono block amps. (200 into 8 and 400 into 4) The Audires are built vertically so they dont take up much floor space. I ran my rm40s with these for some time. Im going to be listing them on the gon in a few days for 750 with free upgraded 1 meter pc`s as well as the stock pc`s.
Sedona, I used the EAD POwermaster 1000 to good success. They are 200 watts per channel and worked well.

How about the Innersound ESL designed to really put out the kind of power electrostatics need. Also it garned alot of rave reviews. I believe the 300 is equivalent to a 1000wpc standard amp when driving the capacitive load of electrostatics.