Eminent Technology LFT 8b?

Hi everyone!
I got very good advice from this forum before so here I am again:)

My current setup has a Wyred4sound STI-500 amplifier, fed by another W4S device:DAC2. I love the sound of this combination but now it's time to upgrade my speakers..and I plan to get the Eminent Technology LFT 8b speakers for various reasons.
Oh yeah, the room is kind of small and my listing position is about 6 feet from the speakers: medium condo living room.

I have not seen a review of those speakers from anyone that has a similar setup like mine and I wonder if they will be a good match...
They're wonderful speakers, but I've never seen them set up for use in that fashion. Why don't you give EmTech a call and see what they say?

Good Luck,

I upgraded to the 8b and went back to the A version, worked better in my room. I am also in a condo and about 6-7 feet back and they sound excellent. They are about 2 foot from the rear walls. They do need some room to breathe. If you were local you could come and listen to my pair. I'm in the tristate area.