Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners

Where are you? What mods have you done ?

I have been using these ET2's for over 9 years now.
I am still figuring them out and learning from them. They can be modified in so many ways. Bruce Thigpen laid down the GENIUS behind this tonearm over 20 years ago. Some of you have owned them for over 20 years !

Tell us your secrets.

New owners – what questions do you have ?

We may even be able to coax Bruce to post here. :^)

There are so many modifications that can be done.

Dressing of the wire with this arm is critical to get optimum sonics along with proper counterweight setup.

Let me start it off.

Please tell us what you have found to be the best wire for the ET-2 tonearm ? One that is pliable/doesn’t crink or curl. Whats the best way of dressing it so it doesn’t impact the arm. Through the spindle - Over the manifold - Below manifold ? What have you come up with ?
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Does the Medo pump you're using run constantly? If so, this may be your main issue.
No, I switch it on just when listening. 
The fact to consider is that there is pretty high humidity over here, but this happens always, even on "dry" days...
The fact to consider is that there is pretty high humidity over here, but this happens always, even on "dry" days...

There is a challenge when one tries to run a full 360 degree air bearing in Mexico or the Amazon. Adding moisture to the air bearing will have the same effect, as adding water to the oil of a combustion engine.

This is not a good environment. The air pump system makes up IMO 50% (EFFORT not COST) in the set up of the solution.

Was first using original aquarium AT pump at about 2psi and then upgraded to Medo AC0110 which delivers about 10-12psi trough my "buffering tank".

This is not going to cut it unfortunately .You are trying to run a Porsche 911 at the track with snow tires.  

Recommend a pump system which eliminates the moisture at the pump, and a regulator / water separator near the air bearing, that allows you to see the PSI and moisture level near the air bearing.
How long is the air line - pump to air bearing ?  
Does the PSI get lower along the way. It is an indicator that water / moisture is getting in the line, if you are losing PSI. 

I use a bottle of pressurized air, this comes from an industrial gas tank company. It’s not "free air" anymore, but it holds for a pretty long time, at least with my ca. 0.7 Bar optimized high pressure bearing. I think it’s somewhere around 2-3 l/ min.
The bottle keeps 30 liters, filled with ca. 200 Bar at the beginning.
The quality of the air must be very good... ;-) It’s from the swiss alps. Try to order it to Mexico... !
Jokes besides, I think in Mexico you might get similar industrial air, and you might ask about the humidity of the air under normal air pressure situation ("exhaled" ;-)

When I said "run constantly" I was referring to when you're listening. A possibility is to get a 5-7 gallon air tank and the necessary parts (air pressure gauge, cut-off switch, etc....) so the pump will operate long enough to fill the tank than cut itself off at a desired setting and then back on at a desired setting. The tank will have a drain valve and you most likely will still need your filter/s. I used a Motorguard "toilet paper" filter that worked wonders. It also serves to buffer any pulsing from a compressor. Using a storage tank also keeps the need for buffering, lower and saves your compressor and helps keep noise a non-factor.