Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners

Where are you? What mods have you done ?

I have been using these ET2's for over 9 years now.
I am still figuring them out and learning from them. They can be modified in so many ways. Bruce Thigpen laid down the GENIUS behind this tonearm over 20 years ago. Some of you have owned them for over 20 years !

Tell us your secrets.

New owners – what questions do you have ?

We may even be able to coax Bruce to post here. :^)

There are so many modifications that can be done.

Dressing of the wire with this arm is critical to get optimum sonics along with proper counterweight setup.

Let me start it off.

Please tell us what you have found to be the best wire for the ET-2 tonearm ? One that is pliable/doesn’t crink or curl. Whats the best way of dressing it so it doesn’t impact the arm. Through the spindle - Over the manifold - Below manifold ? What have you come up with ?
I have some extra I beams,but not leaf springs. What is the advantage of multiple leaf springs or am I now entering another world of obsessive complusive behaviour.

Yeah, the tank is much bigger than my previous 4" round, 18" long chamber. What PSI does the et2.5 run at?
am I now entering another world of obsessive complusive behaviour

LOL - imo its never OCD when you are actually changing the laws of physics and are able to hear it in your room. Vinyl is an electro mechanical vibration resonance hobby.

Try this test Manitunc and anyone else.

Fetch a white plastic juice or other fluid container from your recycling bin.
Using a flat side cut a small piece of plastic out - a little smaller than your leaf spring on the I beam.
Now insert it into the gap where the leaf spring is, making the I Beam more rigid.
Now play a few really familiar records. Do you hear any difference in your room as far as sonics go.
If no change carry on with life as normal.
If you do hear a change and don't care; carry on with life as normal again.
If you do hear a change and are a little curious - do this proper as it costs only a couple of dollars.
Have Bruce send you a couple I beams and loose springs to make into a double and triple I Beam so you have one of each to try with your cartridge or cartridges.

Manitunc have a closer look at all those I Beams you now have. You may see in fact two springs glued together already.
Some may have a small square damper on them while others may be just one naked spring glued in.

What PSI does the ET 2.5 run at?

Ask the person you bought it from what PSI Bruce set it up for. Hopefully he will know.

"imo its never OCD when you are actually changing the laws of physics"

this comment came across wrong and was not what I meant. I take it back since this particular thread does not allow one to edit. the rest of the post stands :^)
I dont think the seller knew much and may have been selling for someone else. No indication he know that the two arms were even different from each other.

but, I will try your plastic piece idea.
Look forward to your impressions Manitunc.

BTW - I totally blame Frogman for any "OCD'ing" on the single, double and triple springs.

This ET2 thread/book is only 19 pages long. I think it happened around page 3 or 4.

fwiw - I like the triple spring with my XV1 but if I had to choose only one to do all cartridges I own, it would probably be the double spring for me.

Try 19 PSI with your ET 2.5 - :^)