Eminent Technology ET-2.5

I have been trying to find an ET-2.5 for a couple of years. Anyone have an idea where I might be able to buy one? Bruce Thigpin doesn't sell them or make the parts anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Good luck locating a pair. I was also looking for this speaker for over a year. Never found a used pair for sale. They must sound pretty damn great! I even tried to talk Bruce into building me a set..no luck!

Good luck with the hunt
I was under the impression the post was for the tonearm which I have seen a few recently on ebay.
Sorry I'm thinking of the push pull fullrange planars Bruce doesn't make any more.
Sorry, yes the the tonearm. Should have made that clearer. I see quite a few regular ET-2 tonearms around, but not the ET-2.5 which has the larger diameter bearing and spindle. Saw one here on A-Gon a few months back but someone was faster with the email. Any leads are greatly appreciated.
Have you posted a wanted for this arm?
Yes, I posted a wanted ad here on Audiogon and on AA. Is there anywhere else I should post one?

Well there is always Ebay.....ya never know.