Eminent Tech LFT 8 subs/cables and tweaks

I just purchased a set of LFTVIII's. I am using EAD 1000 amplifier, Denon CD with MSb Link III dac, Nordost biwired cables, Mas interconnects and a ACURUS ACT3 surround processor.

Any suggestions as to cables, sub or other lft tweaks. I do have the sound anchor stands.
Congratulations, the ET LFTVIII is a truly wonderful transducer. You have the Sound Anchors in place, only other suggestion is running the speakers without the jumpers in a bi-wire configuration. I would strongly suggest you try out some DH Labs speaker wire, the Q10's seem to be an ideal match between my BATVK500 amp and my LFTVIII's. Other than the "big-ass-amplifier" required to drive the ET's I wonder why more people don't seriously consider them?

Regards, Jeff