EMI w/ computer, peri-HD and DAC so close 2 amps


A "just wondering" inquiry:

Has anyone experienced EMI and/or RFI interference with their audio equipment/system after installing a computer (in my case MacMini) w/ peripheral HD, and of course DAC?

Things sound good to me now, but I find myself wondering.

And if so, what were its effects? And how did you treat/remedy the problem without resort to pricey S-stones?

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I would love some advice here as well...
I just got a mew iMac, had been using a macbook pro, and I am getting so much noise from the computer.

Did anyone help solve your issue?
how did you do it?
Use a network player like Sonos with wireless Wifi network connection to help isolate computers/music servers from audio gear. Also some power conditioning for the audio gear save power amp is also a good idea.
Its usually not EMI, its ground-loop common-mode noise. The thing to do if you are using USB is to power the computer and the USB interface (USB converter or DAC) from the same AC outlet. If you also have a CD transport connected, the power for this can also add noise. Power it from the same outlet as the DAC.

Another thing that works great is to use an isolation transformer like the Final Drive in the analog path from DAC to preamp or amps.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Its all powered from one ac outlet going to a power conditioner.