EMI - His Master's Voice = Stereo/Digital Vinyl Recordings

Hello fellow music lovers,

I was hoping to learn from the vast knowledge of our forum members...

I listen 95% of my time to my vinyl system and enjoy adding to my record collection periodically. I'm interested in acquiring some additional classical recordings and noticed that some of the EMI HIs Master's Voice records have Stereo/Digital printed on the record label.  

The release appears to be 1984 from Belgium. They seem to command a very high price averaging $200 - $300.  

I'm concerned that it must have some digital processs in the recording or mastering, etc and I may not enjoy the sound due to whatever artifacts the digital processing may bring to the recording. Or, I may be quite surprised and be very impressed!  

I was hoping members here might be willing to share any experiences they may have with the EMI His Master's Voice that have the "Stereo/Digital" printed on the vinyl label with me, before I go out and drop huge wads of cash on these records.

Thank you in advance for your time and your help.

Best wishes,