EMI Electrola Pressings seem veiled,

and setting optimal VTA is difficult. Any other of you with the same experience ? The recording I'm playing right now is the Mefistofele, Caballe/Domingo. TriPlanar arm/Titan i cartridge.

I wonder why it's hard to find 'the zone' on this and other German EMI's
English pressings EMI always better.
just curious, and sorry this is off topic, how do you like your Titan i/Triplanar combo? I'm running a Lyra Skala/Triplanar right now and I'm considering moving up the Lyra line. (btw I love it-had this Skala now for about 3 years-almost scared to try a different combo)

(love to know what table and phono stage also) Thanks
LOVE the Titan - it is very detailed and the arm is dynamic and lively - quite a nice combo. My pre is the Giscours, amp the Vac Ren 70-70: bass in abundance. A friend is now breaking in the new Lyra Kleos - I can keep you posted.

Oh, back to my question - what is different about the two pressings that makes the audible difference ? I am new to this level of vinyl and am curious about everything.
Ebm - Why is this so ? Different vinyl recipe - I assume the masters are the same, right ?
English pressings better vinyl they have original tapes better everything.