EMF/RFI isolation with aluminum sheet metal

Hi all. I have my Class D power amps in pretty close proximity to my DirectTV DVR, both on the bottom shelf of a double wide built-in cabinet. I'm concerned about each component (the DVR and the amps) interfering with one another (EMF/RFI). One thought I had was to just cut a piece of sheet metal to size and place it in the cabinet between them. They are about 4 inches apart I can cut the sheet metal so it will basically be as if the entire area (cross-section) of the cabinet will be filled with only minimal gaps. Is this wortwhile? Any other ideas?


I would not worry about any EMI/RFI exiting or entering through the DVR case. It has to meet FCC regulations for such things. More so exiting than entering. But it works both ways.....

That does not however stop EMI/RFI from going back out on the power cord and contaminating the power supply of the amp and other associated analog equipment if the DVR shares the same receptacle and branch circuit.
Some info here....

Find the TI Shield(what I use) on page 14 of this catalog: (http://www.percyaudio.com/Catalog.pdf) Digital equipment puts out much interference. If it weren't important with regards to your power supply/cords; there wouldn't be any audible improvement with, or need for, quality power conditioners/purifiers or blockers on power cords. Like virtually everything else concerning the reproduction and listening to of music: There are many that can't discern, and therefore will deny the differences/improvements.
The FCC does limit what can be emitted from a Class D amp, along with everything else. But not every unit is tested, only one unit unless it is a new model or a significant change was implemented.

Aluminum will do wonders for electrostatic noise if you ground it to earth. however, it is pretty transparent to electromagnetic noise. to stop that you have to use copper or preferably steel. However, whatever you use has to be grounded.

Are you having an EMI problem?
All -- thanks so much for the very helpful responses.