Emerald Physics speakers

has anybody have opinions about these speakers? I have the upgrade bug again(does it never end)....I am running klipsch heritage models with tubes.I am considering going the whole way with wired for sound and the cs2.3 speakers with a modwright signature pre.........I just do not hope this is a downgrade or latteral move,any suggestions would be appreciated.........thankyou
The CS2.3 are the new release. Supposed to be better than the CS2's by a wide margin.I've not heard them yet.
I'll likely upgrade from my CS2's but I'm in no real hurry as I am still content with them(course things change depending on disposable income). The CS2s in my room and listening tastes are still truly a marvel. I did a sideways move about dollar for dollar and these things are the real ticket for me.Still can't get over the tonality and presentation,still amazes. I expected to spend much more. Sorry I don't have an opinion on matching your pre-amp etc.I use an Audio Aero Prestige cdp direct into the crossover and then to wyred4sound amps.
I listened to my good friend's CS2s last week after the Rick Cullen mod on the Behringer. I must say his system sounds AMAZING!!! He uses a computer as the head unit. Definitely the most realistic system I've had the pleasure of listening to.

I warn you..room is essential for allowing these speakers to bloom. He has his 7 feet from the back wall and 8 feet apart, towed in at roughly 45 degress off center..

He's using my former SET 14 wpc to power the tweeters and a Classe 300 for the drivers. These speakers will play at deafening levels.
i think you're bored. get a grip and stay with klipsch.
I have a friend who purchased a pair and I just cannot hear what all the fuss is about. The same friend also owns the Harbeth SHL5 and Coincident Partial Eclipse, so we can compare the speakers in the same room. IMO, the EP's are good speakers. They sound like other speakers in their price range, but when I compare the EPs to the Harbeths or Coincidents, I just can't hear any obvious superiority. Each of the speakers have their strong points.
Check their website. They are doing in-home demos by some of their customers in certain cities, I guess on a kickback deal of some sort. Very nice way to do business.
I keep hearing great things about them as well, just not sure if it's a totally finalized product yet, seems like there are a lot of upgrades going on.
Based on the reviews here I was so excited about this very cost-effective speaker/amp combo I mentally owned the equipment. I contacted the distributor and he sent contact info for a local customer with a complete OP/Wired 4 Sound setup. This audiophile also had a very nice $10 K + vinyl front-end and that is very important to me as this is my only source. I took several reference albums over as well as a few towels - for the mess I was anticipating. We played one album after another and I was shocked the system was only reproducing about fifty percent (at best) of the music. Overall, the sound was bright, thin, lifeless and left huge holes across the frequency spectrum. The end result was the antithesis of my warm, lush, detailed, dynamic and “your are there” all-tube/vinyl setup. Of course the equipment owner thought this system was the very best possible. I invited over to my place so he could at least obtain a sense of the missing frequencies. No surprise he didn't contact me.

My advice...if it seems too good to be true, make sure you thoroughly audition the equipment being considered.
Certainly everyone is welcome to their own opinions. I have to go by what I heard in the setup I listened to. There was absolutely no holes in the frequency range in the setup I heard.

I don't think Dolby or DTS labs would use these speakers as a reference if this was true with a properly setup pair. I say listen to a properly setup pair, including crossover and make your own decision.

These speakers in no form or fashion sound like a box speaker..no need to try to compare them..IMHO..that is a good thing. ;-)

I don't own them, so I have no dog in this hunt. I know with the right mix of gear, they can leave you breathless.