Emerald Physics: Same as the Quads in the fifties?

Let me premise that I've never listened to Emerald Physics speakers. But I have been reading lots of audiogoners' opinions on them. Based on what I've read, I would conclude that we have some sort of revolutionary product here, something that can be compared to Quads ESL57 when they came out in 1957. What do you guys think? That is, it looks like we have: a) a new technology; and b) a sub-$10K product (the CS.1) that is superior to products that cost 5 times as much...and a sub-$4K speaker (the CS.2) that performs better than most speakers in the $10K to 20K range.

Do you think the analogy is appropriate?
The comparison with the Quads is probably quite a stretch IMHO. Quads were known to do a few things sonically that no speaker at any price or technology could match, period. The Emeralds on the other hand don't have the "no speaker at any price or technology" qualifier comparatively.

In terms of audiophiles who have bought the Emeralds, I know of no one who had a bank roll of $20K or more to spend on speakers and then subsequently saved a bundle by just buying the Emerald Physics. I DO know quite a few audiophiles who WISHED they had $20K plus to spend on speakers, could afford the Emeralds, bought them and are very happy with them indeed. What does this say? IMHO it says the Emerald are in the league of a just a handful of speakers that has their owners really in love with their performance to the point many are saying that other more expensive speakers (from other speaker companies) seem like a rip-off. Is this enough to qualify the Emerald as a speaker like the Quad though?
Ehider, this is an interesting perspective. You're probably referring to the CS.1. From what I've read, a number of people seem to think the CS.2 can't be beat by anything below $40K. If that is true, and suppose most audiophiles cannot afford anything below $40K, then the CS.2 is effectively doing something that no other speakers (these people can afford) is able to do...in this sense, the comparison with the Quad might make sense. There is no other speaker like that for most people given their budget.

One way or another, what I find interesting in your answer is that you seem to suggest EP is some sort of revolution in performance/price ratio -- like, you can buy and enjoy the equivalent of a Porsche at the price of a Corolla -- and that is remarkable.
You've never heard the product, yet you claim it's revolutionary and remarkable. Are you really to be taken seriously?