Emerald Physics Loudspeakers

Does anyone have any opinions on these speakers?
Some of the best sounds at Audio shows.
I have a pair of the 2.3s and they are all around the best speakers I've ever owned (and I've owned literally over 100 pair of high end speakers). They image with the best and have an open, airy sound about them that make it difficult to even try to listen to a dynamic driver 'box' speaker again (which I still have several of). Using a dedicated Crossover/EQ to essentially remove the room from the equation is definitely the way to go as that is always half the battle in getting world class sound. The last 3 years I've went to RMAF I've always though they were in the best 2-3 rooms at the event and they were displaying their entry level speaker (CS2P) this year.

Only (and some would say 'major' downside) is figuring out how to best use the EQ with your room as the presets the supplied Behringer EQ came with sounded dreadful in my room. I now use a much easier to use and better built dbx unit. The new EPs come with their own proprietary EQs so that might have solved most of that issue. I haven't used one so can't really comment on that.

Let your own ears be the judge. Go to a show or call Wally (the owner) and try to locate a pair close to where you are for an audition. Best of luck.