Emerald Physics KCIIs or Spatial M3 Turbo S?

I might have the chance to buy one of these. Any preferences?
I had a choice; go with a couple SS monoblocks, to drive my new Magnepan 1.7i pair, or- keep my tubed, Cary SLM-100, main amps and try some more efficient speakers, after a few decades of planars. Just couldn’t get the SPLs, I craved(live has size & weight). Spent a lot of time on those Carys(major upgrades), so....... Anyway; a pair of KCIIs are performing just wonderfully, actively bi-amped, with my woofer system. Excellent sound staging, tone and imaging(to me, anyway). No regrets/no looking back/no experience with Spatials(sorry).
One speaker is 2k and the other is 3k. The M4 would be a closer comparison with price and bass output.