Emerald Physics CS3 question

Hi All,

My Behringer is kaput, bass distortion. What is the best way to improve the bass. I am considering the following...

a Bom, the DSpeaker, the DSP 2.4 or just a subwoofer. I am using a Manley iPod. At present time I am using  just  speakers. Do I need DSP or just a sub. The Manley has a tape loop and sub out. Any Ideas. Room is 13 x14. Someone gave me a DSP 2.4 but I cannot seem to get it working. Does it need a power source.


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DSP 2.4 - does need a power source. I think a 5v USB works.
I just received one as well and am wondering where to download the software to manipulate the DSP 2.4.