Emerald Physics amp swap options

Just ordered new EP 3's (previously CS-3 Mk II's) and curious what others think about my current amp choice with these highly efficient OB speakers.

currently have BAT VK-75SE that is wonderful for my less efficient monitors but given the high efficiency/8ohm EP's I have to wonder if now is the time for me to try low power CE 300B type tube amp or maybe even bi-amp with sweet sounding low power SS amps like from First Watt?

If I am to lose more than gain I obviously won't explore an amp change but if I could hold steady or improve in some areas I would make the change since it will provide extra space, probably less heat and less $$.

Is there anything out there used at $2000 or less that could rival the mighty VK-75SE on super efficient, super revealing speakers? (PS I love tubes when done well - bloom without loss of detail or resolution)

Thanks . . .
I have the CS 3.0 MKII and tried many difference SS. Ended up with my Woo WA5 Class A 300B setup and its like a match to heaven!