Emerald Physics 2.3 or Magnepan

This is my first post here- I'll try to be as descriptive as possible.

I am in the market for a pair of speakers around $3-5k used.

I currently have a set of old Magnepans (10.1) that sound wonderful. The imaging and treble are superb. I miss the 'crack' of a snare drum though - i think the best word to describe it would be dynamics.

I usually listen to pop and rock, don't really care about the low end ( have two sub woofers)

I've read a lot about the EP 2.3s and people say that they have the sound of the Magnepans with the dynamics of regular speakers. For people who've heard them - is this true? Is the treble as revealing and the mid range as well sorted as a set of Magnepans?

Also, if anyone has heard the 1.7s would you say that the lack of dynamics no longer limits the Magnepans? I read somewhere that with the 1.7s the Magnepans are right up there in dynamics.

Thanks in advance.
My system is a Rotel RB 1090 and an Emotiva XDA-1 Proc/Preamp
Thanks everyone. I've heard the 1.7s but couldn't quite compare them. It seems however that the Magnepans (both 1.7 and 3.6) are worth another shot; at least a critical listening session. If only I could hear the EPs..
I have had the CS 2's and currently have the CS 3's; also run the magnepan 1.7's on my reference system with a 140 wpc tube amp (Canary). Both the CS 3's and the 1.7's are run with subwoofers. In that configuration, the 1.7's are giant killers for the amount of money they cost. Clean, dynamic, and engaging. The CS 3's changed character totally with a subwoofer plus they take lots of break in; they are better than the CS 2's though the CS 2's have great bass without a subwoofer but require bi-amping.

One thing about the EP's. Get that Boehringer crossover box (ala piece of junk) upgraded. Doug Jessie at ASi Teknology did a complete rebuild of mine and the results over stock were stunningly good. You are debating though between two very, very nice speaker families/models so you will have a hard time going too wrong.
You may want to post your approximate area.
An Emerald Physics owner may offer a session.I'm one hour north of Detroit,Mi
Thanks. After a few more critical listening sessions with some favorite songs, I am quite sure that I am an upper mid- high range rather than a bass kind of person and so I think I've got the best two on my shortlist. Haven't heard either of the two speakers yet, I am in the NYC area, if there're any willing EP owners out there please let me know
I am a little to far away for you but I did just buy the Emerald Physics CS-3's and liked them so much, I decided to instantly trade up to the 2.3's, and did, but a local buddy of mine bought the CS-3's instead of my sending them back and I bought the 2.3's. I have owned a lot of Maggies in the the past and these offer the best of them with much increased dynamics & slam and superb monitor like

My 3's were just starting to open up at about 300 hrs, and now I have to start all over again, and the 2.3's will require about 500-600 hrs to start opening up, but I know where they are going at least. :o)

Excellent speakers!!! As long as you have at least 2' from the back wall, you are in business!