EMC1 upgraded versus MKII

Electrocompaniet EMC1 modified with 24/192 upgrade kit, compared to a factory-supplied MKII version of the player, any differences? Yes, yes, I know they should sound identical in theory, but I'd like to hear from someone who has actually done an A/B within the same system.
Ral you are confused as are many consumers out there. No EMC 1's come from the factory with the upgrade. The 24/192 upgrade is a distributor or dealer upgrade. There is no EMC MK 11 version that is just what customers are calling it to distinguish it from the non-upgraded player.

Hope this helps.
S of Sound: Thanks for that clarification. Still, it seems incredible that the manufacturer has not started installing the new 24/192 board if it's so great. Guess they don't want distributors/dealers to get "stuck" with current EMC1's because of a perceived "better new product" coming from the factory.
By the way, you guys posted on a recent Digital thread (1/11/02) that you had a "shootout" among several top CD players. (Accuphase, Audio Aero, Linn, Eclipse, Audio Meca, Wadia, EMC1+.) Please share your findings with Audiogon readers, now that you have thrown out that teaser.
Hi Ral, All those you mentioned are excellent CDPs. Much will depend on your tastes. Also system matching. I wouldn't sell one to get the other. If I was starting over I would probably opt for the Audio Aero for it's rich warmer sound. I love my EMC-1. The upgrade is on it's way.
Brulee: Yes, I agree it would probably be a tough choice and very subjective and system-dependent (even though I haven't heard all the CDP's listed). Regarding the Aero (I assume the Capitole), how did you find its bass compared to the EMC1? I've read a few web posts where people were a bit concerned about the bass being too warm/ripe (relative to other players), though still enjoyable. BTW, I recently borrowed a EMC1-24/192 to hear in my home, and it really is more musical in all respects than the earlier EMC1.
Hi, I had my EMC 1 upgraded to 24/192 status at SOS and I am very happy with the improvement. One thing I did not expect though was I have to raise my volume on my preamp (SF Line 2SE) from my usual 60 setting to about 72-74 to reach the same volume.I was told that this could happen when you do the upgrade and it depends on what version your original EMC-1 is (Yes, even though they are the original 24/96 version they also have different version as I found out when I did my upgrade). Anyway, like I said before I'm very happy with the upgrade as I thought the original version could not get any better, it did.
I just purchased an EMC1 with 24/192 upgrade, an awesome sounding player, definately one of the very best. I agree that the MKII designation is confusing since there is no EMC1 MKII, only EMC1 with dealer or distributor upgrade to 24/192. However, I have heard that the EMC1 has gone through some design/manufacturing changes since it was originally released. Changes and/or improvements have been made and incorporated into production with the latest units out of the factory having the most recent updates. For example, if you look at older units, the power cord is in the center on the back of the player, and there's a main power switch above the IEC. On new units like mine, the power cord is on the left side of the back of the player, and there's no longer a main power switch on the back. It would be interesting to compare an original EMC1 with a current production (non-upgraded) EMC1 to se if there are sonic differences.
I own the EMC without the upgrade and my friend has one with the upgrade. I bypassed the add on upgrade after hearing the Kora Hermes DAC (tube) - I bought the Kora and use the EMC as a transport - The Kora has the 24/192 and just presents a better soundstage and naturalness to the music that I do not hear with just the EMC or the upgraded EMC. As a transport the EMC is great.
To Ljgj: That's an interesting alternative. I haven't heard the Kora Hermes. Did you have a chance to try any other 24/192 DAC's that feature tubes, e.g. Audio Aero? How is the bass with the Hermes? (Some tube CDP's seem to provide too much warmth in the mid-bass.). Thanks.
No, I did not get to try the Audio Aero - after I heard one of our audio club's member's Kora I was sold. I find no bass bloat or excess warmth in any region. It has a really nice balance. I really wasn't even thinking about changing or upgrading until I heard the Kora.
Ljgj If you are still following this post could you further explain the Kora sound. My heart was set on getting a used EMC1(and maybe not upgrade for someone said that the 192 bit upgrade tends to make the music less smooth he prefers the 96 ???) I think you reside in Lafayette LA. not far from New Orleans. I'm curious if you are part of a local audio club? Would love to hear your Kora. Did you ever sell your ML's. I see you are a very active buyer and seller. So you just use your EMC1 as a transport!! So with the Kora DAC you need a good transport correct?
I do a lot of recording and the EMC 1 has a solid build and toploading which makes for quicker changes with less moving parts. It is a similar mechanism to the Krell 30i transport part (same actually and I have one of those too and was looking for something similar but more modern tech). My friend bought an EMC 1 after hearing and seeing mine and also upgraded it later which he described as a royal pain. I am sorry but I tried to hear a difference but I really do not. I wanted a tube Dac and went with Kora after researching it and the fact it was really affordable comparatively speaking to my next favorite the Dodson which is SS. It has a really natural and dare I say analog - like sound . It does not tire me out when listening for long periods . I am in the process of upgrading tubes simply to see what I get out of doing that but I am really very content now but you know how this hobby is - always looking for something. What happened to the speaker thing you have been exploring? We do not have a real official club but we make like we do. I have moved my ML Odysseys to another area of the house but will sell if things are right. I have the VMPS RM 40 arriving next week.
Hey Ljgj my speaker thread still has me thinking pretty hard. I feel like and probably look like a dog chasing his own tail. The 1 conclusion i drew from my electrostat shootout was that you need a big amp to drive em. All i can afford was the little Jadis 40 watt integrated. Back to the thread. So you can't tell any SIGNIFICANT difference in the upgrade EMC1. Interesting. Very. My friend has a Cary 303/200 and we can't seem to notice much difference with the upsample button on and off. Possibly same here. So you have invested $4K on the EMC1 as a transport and $3K on the Kora as the DAC thats quite an expensive CDP. Just for interest. If (thats a big if for lack of washingtons) i got the Kora which other more budget transport would you recommend?
I got the EMC for 2900 and the Kora for 1500 - both new. I have a friend who uses a Pioneer Elite 65 as a transport - it is also a player that is well built and makes an excellent transport - it has a nice look. he has a Kora - the Elite can be picked up for 300 or less now. I am sure you can get many other recommendations on the transport idea. The Kora comes with the 24/192 upgrade - it also has undergone additional upgrades like silver this and that but I have not heard it and really at the moment do not wish to pursue . I am now tube searching - leaning towards the Telefunken Falcons.