EMC-1UP vs. Cary 306/100

Trying to choose between these players. I am going to a one box solution (presently using CAL CL-10 as a transport to a Monarchy DIP to a Classe' DAC-1. Pre-amps are BAT VK3i or a CAT SL-1 Sig., amps are McCormack DNA 0.5 REv A (bi-amped) or Llano Trinity 300 driving Vandersteen 3Asigs. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I will be buying used here on the 'gon so I can't audition at home. I listen mostly to acoustic bluegrass, alt country, jazz and classic rock. TIA.
I love my EMC-1 UP, but would caution that its performance is significantly better with a balanced preamp. If the BAT or CAT are truly balanced designs I'd proceed. Otherwise there's too much compromise. Have fun.
Subaruguru: I own a EMC-1UP and run it single ended with excellent results. I've also heard mine in a balanced system, and while it was punchier and a bit livelier with a touch more detail, the difference was not staggering by any means. If a cdp cannot perform well in a single ended system, it is the product of a short sighted designer IMO. I also owned a BAT VK-D5 for several years and ran it single ended. It performed quite well in single ended despite the fact that it also is a balanced design. IMO, way to much is made of the advantages of running these players balanced.

Swampwalker: Prior to my purchasing the EMC-1UP, I auditioned several players, including the Cary 306/200. Needless to say, I preferred the EMC-1UP to the carry. Unfortunately, it's been several months since I heard the Cary and I cannot remember why I preferred the EMC. The 306/200 was a very good sounding machine however. I did not care for it aesthetically. Far too many LEDs and the remote was annoying IMO. The EMC seemed to me to have some of the qualities of vinyl, which is my preferred medium. Two qualities of the EMC need to be addressed however. It can sound a tad bright. Care needs to be taken with associated equipment and cabling. It is also not the last word in focus. Not that it's bad, just that last tiny bit of precise focus isn't quite there. And yes, I heard this in balanced mode also. I'm still waiting for the Spider Clamp to appear, for I've heard it improves focus significantly. Despite these two tiny caveats, I find the EMC-1UP a great sounding cdp. Which you will prefer, only you can say.
I wont choose Cary, coz it will lose to EMC1UP a lot. EMC1UP can win over low price TT setup Rega P2...............it was in my mind that CD never wins TT, before I tried EMC1UP.
Of the two players you mention the EMC would be my choice. However; for redbook only, I would try to find a Accuphase DP-75v which is better than the either the Cary or EMC.