EMC-1 Owners Spider Alert

Anyone interested in a group purchase of the spider clamp (at a discounted price, of course), please email me. This would be thru a legitimate US dealer, so no warranty issues.
If you can put that deal together I would love it. Almost pulled the trigger on one last week. How tough are they to install?

I may be interested. Exactly how does the spider work, meaning how do you insert a disc? Same as before?
Count me in. 350 pastoolis is a bit much.

I am going to attempt to answer the above questions though I have never used one. The Spider Clamp works identical to your current clamp, it simply has "arms" that cover the whole disc instead of just the center.

Drop me a line Swamp w/details.
What the heck. Might as well jump on the Spider web. Any idea what price range we're talking here?
I won't know the price until I can get a good idea of total # of units. Please email me thru the Agon system with contact info and I wll let you know what I find out. It looks like right now we've got 8 already if these are definate. I will try and get a price for 10 units.
I would imagine any number of EC dealers would jump on a ten-pack order for $2k....
Me, too. Assuming Swamp finds us a decent price. I'd be in.
I've looked at the install instructions, doesn't appear to be too difficult.
I've gotten one quote and should have emailed all that expressed interest. If you have not gotten a response, please let me know via email.
$265 is still too high!