EMC-1 or CARY 306/200

which one of the two would be better to add to my sourceless system?
talon khorus speakers
pass labs x250 amp
bat vk 40 preamp
thanks for your advice
I posted some commentary on the EMC-1 and the Cary 306/200 here recently. Go for the EMC-1! At least, that's what worked for me.
Hi Dave4U, looks like your system is almost complete, I see that you now just need a source.
Like Budrew I have an EMC 1 MK II myself if that tells you something. I bought it back then without even hearing it (MK 1 before I had it upgraded)against stiff competition, Linn Ikemi and Simm Eclipse, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made for my system. Goodluck.
thanks guys,
i've made my mind.
its set on the emc-1 ,
now, the harder part, finding the right deal !
thanks !
You should try Cary 306/200. It is an awesome CD player with 24/96 digital and 24/192 analog. The sound is a huge soundstage, details and has an excellent transparence. Especially it will produce the sound out of your Talon Khorus differently. Friend of mine has Talon Khorus X and his source was a 306/200. He let me listen to it then I felt in love with 306/200 right away and guess what I have owned this master piece two months already. I am very satisfied because I spent such a long time to look for this incredible CD Player. Good luck.

Have you ever auditioned the EMC-1? I am an Electrocompaniet dealer, so take my opinion with a grain of salt ;-) The Cary is a great player and certainly in the "top 10" list, but the EMC-1 is in a whole other league, IMHO.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio