EMC 1 MK II and Pass x150????

Has anyone tried this combo? I own the Pass and am considering the EMC. I have Monarchy Audio M22c DAC. I am also considering the Wadia 850 and the Meridian 508.24. I would appreciate any insight you may provide. Thanks.
The EMC 1 works very well with the Pass but you do not mention your preamp which is probably more critical. This is one of the top 5 CD players in the world in my opinion. Especially with the new cap, resistor, diode, etc. upgrade.

Many customers that I have use the EMC 1 with the Pass products. Also there is no EMC 2 there is just the EMC 1 with the 24/194 upsampling upgrade, and now the new internal upgrade. Of the CD players that you mention the EMC 1 is the best choice. I will throw no more players into the mix since often one's instincts are the proper course to follow.

I can tell you that I have yet to sell anyone an EMC 1 that has not been totally overwhelmed. Of the 5 great players on the market this is the most bang for the buck.

I guess it is time to say goodbye to your Monarchy Dac.
Sanctuary, I'm curious what the other 4 great cd players are in your opinion. I assume the Capitole is one, does the ARC CD3 make the list?
The Pass runs best balanced. All things being equal, pick a CDP that is balanced also. For example, the balanced 850 has a volume control so you don't need a preamp. Run it balanced to the Pass and enjoy. They are built like a tank but sound great. Make sure you set the internal gain control so the VC stays above 75. I believe the .24 runs balanced also but I don't know if it has a VC.

A Sanctuary of Sound should state which lines it sells when making recommendations, IMHO.
Hi Lockss follow this link for the latest review of the EMC 1 on Stereotimes --> http://www.stereotimes.com/trans070302.shtm
and search the forum for EMC 1 and you'll see why a lot of regulars here on Agon loves this player so much, I'm one of them.