Embrace The Joy Of Microphonic Equipment

Hi all,
Over the past couple of years I have been listening to a DIY - 4P1L Transformer Coupled Pre-Amp.

Kevin Carter of (K&K Audio) & Radu Tarta of (simplepleasuretubeamps) have both sold these pre-amps over the years.
The 4P1L when used in a transformer pre-amp application (4:1 stepdown) is still sensitive to being VERY microphonic. 

Plenty of ways to reduce & divert vibration but in the end I have come to the conclusion the microphonic nature of this valve subjectively enhances the SQ presentation. The music sounds more dynamic and more sensitive to music changes.

In a nutshell, I like this subjective presentation, goes against my traditional thinking but who cares, sometimes you are better off accepting the valves limitations and working with its natural advantage, Being a directly heated pentode (4P1L) it has a slightly more aggressive presentation and when used upstream of DHT's provide a nice harmonic combination. 

As with all things it's a balancing act, between pleasure & pain. 

Cheers Johno

I don’t know if microphonic proclivities improve sound, but, I’ve heard plenty of great sounding gear that utilized tubes that tended to be microphonic.

I participated in a listening session to help a tube equipment designer/builder pick 310A tubes for his latest build.  After we did the listening, he noted that the tubes we favored happened to be the most microphonic.  Coincidence or cause and effect?  Who knows?
       The same reason that some have swapped out quieter resistors, in their phono, preamp and amplifier circuitry, for carbon compositions.   Or: choose Paper-In-Oil for coupling capacitors.   Then: there are those British small-signal valve lovers.

        There's something about that extra warmth they find comforting.  Perhaps: embracing?

        When in the business: I had many customers, seeking that presentation.
And include Decca phono cartridges with their added ultrasonic information that gives them a sense of immediacy & pace which can be very addictive to the ear. 

 "It tests badly but sounds great !" 
          So many ways to season one's sounds and please one's aural palate.

                                             What a great hobby!
Yes rodman, we are a fortunate lot to have a hobby which provides so much pleasure regardless of background / personal belief.

Ultimately there is no final final arbiter, how u consume, listen, interpret music is up to you.

We are a very lucky country / dear I say world !

Cheers Johno
'Ultimately there is no final final arbiter, how u consume, listen, interpret music is up to you.'  @johno520 +1.

'So many ways to season one's sounds and please one's aural palate.
                  What a great hobby!'  @rodman99999 +1

If I am recalling correctly, Dennis Fraker of Serious Stereo said the same thing—tubes that are a bit microphonic can sound better.  
Microphonic tubes do not make a product sound better.  Depending on the tubes and the design is what is needed to sound better.  DHT microphonic tubes like 26/226/326/ 101D typically sound better to my ears but you have to isolate them from vibration which is tricky but it can be done.

Happy Listening.
Agree with @bigkidz. I can attest to the organic beauty and transparent nature of the 101D if well implemented.  Superb sound quality as utilized in my  line stage. Isolation within the chassis was successfully achieved. 
while i don’t see anything wrong with Baskin Robbins 31 flavors ( pick a distortion you like ) , it is not going to move us closer to accuracy to the input. It is the ear / brain after all, so truth is debatable….
       I've always been disposed, as it sounds @tomic601 is also, to a more accurate (faithful/cleaner) reproduction, of the source and, hopefully: a well recorded, live event.

       That also takes careful choices, as regards ALL the components above mentioned.     Especially: with tubed gear and their valves!

        But: like I said, "...I had many customers..." and, far as I'm concerned: they ALL were always, "right".  

                                                YEP: a great hobby!