embarassment du choix

Hi folks, if in a hypothetical situation you could choose between an excellent pure copper cable with a very good price to quality ratio, like the Discovery Signature and a top notch (and very expensive) Nordost Valhalla (or a Siltech Generation 6) for the same price as the more modest copper cable, which one would you take? Always take the more expensive one? It's a bit silly question, but I'd like to see your response.

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No brainer, buy the more expensive cable and then spend the next year and 10x what you saved upgrading all your other equipment so that your 70s disco collection once again has outstanding PACE, sounds detailed, yet warm and still has that wall to wall soundstage with the holographic walk around effect.
The one that sounds best in my system after I gave them both a full audition.
Northeast(sic) don't need anymore money. Even if I won the lottery, I'm not buying them. Oil sheikhs are probably raising crude prices just to get some;)
Get the more expensive one at the same price as the lower cost one. Then KEEP the one that sounds best. If you are left selling the actually more expensive one, SOMEone will buy it. Spend the money you pocketed on Whiskey, Hotels, Oscars, Romeos, Echos, and Sierras!
it is possible that neither the valhalla or the discovery cables are worth considering.

there is no correlation between price and performance.
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