Embarassing newbie question re: tonearm cables

I can't seem to find any info on this - probably not searching with the right keywords - but I need to know if Origin Silver tonearms come with a tonearm cable or if the cable needs to be purchased separately. :-o Also, how do I find out what sort of connectors it takes if I need to buy a separate cable. I am planning to connect the tonearm cable to a phonostage. I see all sorts of cables out there - some with RCA connectors on both ends, some with a DIN connector, etc.. I don't have a clue!

Please answer after you have finished laughing. :-)
IIRC, my OL Silver came with a cable. Most tone arms take din at arm end to RCA at phono stage end. Some are right angle DIN, some are straight. I think the Silver was right angle. However, your dealer/seller should be able to fill you in on this.
Yes, the OL arms do include cables--I believe OL essentially got its start rewiring/modifying Rega arms (before manufacturing their own arms and tables). I don't know if some of the newer OL arms use DIN connections--my old OL-250 (basically, an RB-250 with full OL mods) is wired with nice heavy RCA plugs and ground wire.

You might check out http://www.tonearm.co.uk/tonearm.htm for more information.


P.S. Congrats on the new Teres 160 (as I read in another thread)!
Thank you both for the information. One less thing to buy for my analog system!

Joshua - I haven't yet purchased the Teres 160; I will be doing this when Chris returns from CES and his vacation - sometime after 01/24. Very much looking forward to getting back into vinyl!