Emarald Physics for Home Theater?

I have heard such great reviews about these and have to pick out speakers for my home theater system. Let's say 50% will be listening to music, the other 50% will be sports and movies.

I am planning to power it all with Rotel amps, but I can afford to do a good two channel in the front (I have a plinius 8100 that is just sitting waiting to be hooked up for puppies like these).

What do you think? What would I do for the center and surrounds? What would match? Thanks in advance.
Clayton is designing a center channel and rears for the speakers. I doubt you'll miss the center with these speakers!

Will these do home theater? These are the most dynamic speakers I've had the pleasure of hearing...you will not run short on dynamics. You would go deaf trying to make this speaker break up or compress with a 100 watt amplifier!

You are in for treat!
I read great things about them also. I auditioned them 3 weeks ago with my wife. I also have a plinius intergrated with totem forest.I listen to blues,classic rock,and contemparary male & female voices.I am not an audiofile but a music lover.I prefer my forest hands down.My expetations maybe were to high because of what i had read.The sound was just ok, you also need to biamp them which is more $$, the dealer sad my plinius would not work.I just think it would be good to listen before purchase.Not trying to upset anybody, just trying to help. good luck
Bill makes sense..just like any other speaker they're not everyone's cup of tea. It is ideal to hear a speaker in your own home if possible for a fair judgement. Speakers always sound different in a store IME. I was lucky enough to hear them in a dealer's home. I also listen regularly to live music..I guess that's why I liked them.
I would assume that these especially with the open baffle design will be rather lively and anybody on first impression downing them will be mostly due to room acoustics.
They sound great on anything complex, large-scale. They are indeed capable of extreme dynamics. But on small-scale material the 1 Khz xover between very dissimilar drivers makes its presence known.

I think they would make pretty darn good HT speakers, and, as a tangent, there's really just no need for a center speaker unless you have far off-axis viewers.